Services and expertise

An Outcomes based aproach

Delvidere adopts an outcomes based approach in order to support clients to position the right skills, expertise and experience to deliver success for you.


Our services include: 

  • Programme set-up and / or turnaround
  • Successful delivery, control and governance
  • Sustainability and realistion

Programme set-up and / or turnaround

Getting the start of a programme right is fundamental and typically where projects / programmes either fail or set up for costly delivery. We have core expertise in the successful scoping and mobilisation of change and transformation initiatives.


We also have experience in completing 'handbrake' turn efforts to get poor performing projects / programmes back on track and set up for successful delivery.

Successful delivery, control and governance

The 'bread and butter" of our day job is in supporting our clients in forming the right teams to delivering programmes successfully.


This is overlaid with extensive experience across a wide range of business and finance transformations which will ensure we provide a combined service experience and depth of expertise across your projects and programmes.

Sustainability and realisation

Projects and programmes typically end on a pre-determined date, the team transition off and hopefully business-as-usual continues. We recognise that the move from project to business-as-usual can be equally as difficult as the initial mobilisation and delivery stages. Quite often plans to ensure benefits are realised and sustainable, are left to the wayside, or to poorly prepared / resourced teams who have their own day jobs to get on with. We have experience of supporting clients setting up the right route to a sustainable solution which works for you and your teams.

A wide range of experience

Typically we find that organsiations deploy the same resource for each phase of the lifecycle. We pride ourselves on having delivered across all lifecycle stages of programmes, however, we have specific experience focussed on each stage to ensure you maximise the successful outcome of your change or transformation programme.


We have a range of experience supporting our customers in the successful outcome of:

  • Business transfomation
  • Finance transformation
  • Performance improvement
  • System design and delivery
  • Cost reduction
  • Operating model design
  • Shared service design and delivery
  • Management information and design



Contact and appointments

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